Learning Outcomes

Case Western Reserve University strives to improve and enrich people's lives through research that capitalizes on the power of collaboration, and education that dramatically engages our students. We realize this goal through scholarship and creative endeavor that draws on all forms of inquiry; learning that is active, creative and continuous; and promotion of an inclusive culture of global citizenship.

The Division of Student Affairs provides a variety of innovative educational programs, services, and one-on-one interactions with the intention of helping students to further develop in the following areas. These are our learning domains:

  • Social and emotional competence
  • Purpose and intentionality
  • Cultural and human appreciation
  • Community engagement
  • Problem solving

They represent the most important knowledge, skills, and abilities students should be able to demonstrate as a result of participating in our programs and services. Learning within these domains is a lifelong endeavor. We recognize that each student is unique and therefore, we also understand that individual students will start at different levels for each learning outcome and their level of mastery will differ from their peers. Our goal is to encourage and challenge them to grow as much as possible in each area.

Our programs and services are developmental and intentionally designed to address students' personal, social, and co-curricular lives. They complement and support other initiatives across the university. As a result, our learning outcomes also demonstrate a variety of our connections: connections between our own programs and services, connections to programs and services offered by other university offices, and connections to the university's academic programs.

Our divisional framework also highlights the connections between our organizational chart, mission, vision, and priorities, learning outcomes, programs and services, and the student experience.

The five learning domains are multidimensional. They require students to focus internally on their personal development as well as externally on their contributions to their communities and to our society. In light of these experiences, students further craft their personal vision for meaningful life work.