Event Centers

Across campus there are several spaces that are reservable through the Offic of Student Acitivites & Leadership. These spaces include both outdoor and indoor locations on both the North and South side of campus. 

Wade Commons

There are two rooms available for reservation in Wade Commons, located on the North side of campus near Leutner Commons and 1st year housing. 

Leutner Commons

One of our largest reservable spaces on campus is the Spot, located on the lower level of Leutner Commons. Leutner Commons is on the North side of campus across from Wade Commons and 1st year housing.  

Outdoor spaces

There are two reservable outdoor spaces, the Leutner Pavilion on the North side and the Southside Lawn on the South side of campus. Reservations for these spaces need to be placed at least 2 week in advance. 

Village Dance Studio

The Village dance studio is a spaced specifically designed for dance groups to practice in. The space has hardwood flooring and floor to ceiling mirrors on one wall of the space.