Fall Leadership Series Workshops

2021 Fall Leadership Series Workshop Recordings

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Looking Beyond Zoom: Leading with Versatility & Resilience

Presenter: Tawan Perry

Learn about leading with character, empathy, and finding your "signal" on and off-campus in the wake of recent national protests, what the future looks like, and how to best prepare!


Building Engaging Digital Communities for College Students

Presenter: Dr. Josie Ahlquist

Learn how to create a digital community for your student organization that fosters meaningful engagement and connection, in addition, serves as a communication tool yearlong. In this hands-on training, Dr. Josie Ahlquist walks you through four principles for building community online - inclusivity, impact, intentionality, and interactivity - and teaches you how to create, measure, and sustain your community throughout the year. 


Inclusive Leadership

Presenter: Dr. Dana Lawless-Andric

What does it mean to lead inclusively? How do we move beyond buzzwords to actions that cultivate a climate that values and honor all voices? How do we ensure our actions as leaders do not unintentionally create exclusion? This workshop explores these questions and provides tools leaders can use to build inclusive teams and organizations.


From Moments to Movements: The Power of the Student

Presenter: P.J. Jones

Activism and advocacy are no strangers to college campuses. In fact, monumental policy changes such as desegregation and increases in resource allocations have been the byproducts of student leaders’ efforts over the last few decades. From sit-ins in the 60’s to hunger strikes in the 2000’s, student leaders have been at the forefront of social change campuses. In the wake of a new civil and human rights movement, hear meaningful dialogue around student activism, advocacy and social change while learning about the significant role students can play as change agents.


Navigating Politics as a Student Leader

Panelists: Grace Bell, Hiram Cortez, Lillian Essaf, and Kevin Russell

Student leaders gain many transferable skills such as communication, project management, and working on a team. These skills can be quite useful in transitioning to a workplace environment. One skill that isn't discussed as often is the skill they gain in navigating politics. The goal of this workshop is to help student leaders understand the skills they gain in navigating politics as they are leading/participating in their student organization(s) and how to use those skills to their advantage once they leave CWRU...and maybe even use them while they're still here. Listen to our panel of alumni student leaders share how they use the skills they gained here at CWRU in their current jobs!