GooseChase is a platform that helps you organize engaging scavenger hunt experiences. Custom photo, video, and text-based scavenger hunts can be played through an application on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. 

The Sparta Center can help create and craft your scavenger hunt to enhance your student organization events! In fact, you are able to have full control of your game as a co-manager. This means that you can edit and view submissions in real-time. Click here to learn more!

Submit a scavenger hunt request here!

The Sparta Center has a paid version of the application which allows you to add more teams or individuals to each scavenger hunt as well as giving you the ability to download all your submissions after the event! 

Types of questions for each scavenger hunt include:

  • Location-based
  • Picture
  • Video
  • Text

For more general information about the platform, click here

If you have any questions about the platform or the process for developing a scavenger hunt for your organization, please email