Educational Electives

Civic Engagement Scholars attend two Scholars Educational Electives of their choice and submit a written reflection about what they learned from each elective through the Scholars Checklist. Electives do not have to be pre-approved by CCEL. Please see this webpage for upcoming opportunities.

Scholars electives are programs or events that provide education around one of the following themes: Community Issue, Social Justice, Leadership, Cleveland. The electives selected can all be from the same theme or from a combination of themes. Each theme is described in more detail below.

Theme Description
Community Issue A program that educates you about an issue that affects our local, national, or international community. Examples of community issues include public education, healthcare, hunger, homelessness, immigration, public policy, etc.
Social Justice A program that helps you better understand your own identities or the identities of others. A program that helps you understand root causes of social injustice. Sustained Dialogue meetings, cultural events, Safe Zone trainings, and Social Justice Institute programs, are a few examples of electives that fit this theme.
Leadership A program that helps you build your own leadership so that you can be a better active citizen and leader for social change.
Cleveland A program that helps you understand our local community or through which you explore Cleveland's assets. CWRUinCLE trips and visits to Cleveland's cultural institutions (such as the Art Museum, MOCA, Natural History Museum) can count as electives.