Spring into Cleveland with CCEL!

March 19th - April 2nd, 2022

The Center for Civic Engagement & Learning is hosting a special series for students to participate in civic engagement and local excursions to connect to Cleveland assets this March. Opportunities to volunteer include sorting books for kids and medical supplies for developing countries, assisting at a local food pantry, and preparing a garden for spring. Experience a greenhouse, explore an underground art gallery, enjoy a treat in downtown Cleveland, and more!  Check out the projects and programs taking place during the week and register on CCEL's CampusGroups page.


Social Change Series

CCEL believes it takes multiple forms of civic engagement working together to advance social change and to address systemic injustice. By highlighting monthly a different form of civic engagement that contributes to social change (i.e. community service, philanthropy, advocacy, and more), the Social Change Series offers students an opportunity to delve deeper into some of these forms while also obtaining a more holistic picture of the social change wheel. Stay tuned to CCEL’s website and CampusGroups page for lectures and corresponding programs that align with the monthly form of focus and that offer ways to engage.


Service Days

CCEL's Service Days give students the opportunity to contribute to the local community at least one day a semester. Service days include the Saturdays of Service, CCEL's New Student Service Day, the Graduate Community Service event, and other special events. Stay tuned to CCEL's website for future service day plans!