Scholars Pre-Training Assignment

Civic Engagement Scholars trainings this academic year will examine the multiple forms of civic engagement that work together to create social change and to address systemic injustice. Events will often correlate with recent happenings in Cleveland and our nation to explore impacts of the pandemic and racial injustice. During the required Fall New Scholars Kick-Off Training, students will have an opportunity to reflect on the impacts of these two pandemics in the Cleveland community and work underway in Cuyahoga County to address racism as a public health crisis. Please complete the following steps in advance of the training so that you are prepared to join the discussion (it is anticipated that this preparation will take you approximately 30 to 40 minutes to complete):

  1. Read thoroughly the Civic Engagement Scholars Requirements.
  2. Read this resolution unanimously passed in July 2020 by the County Council of Cuyahoga County declaring racism a public health crisis, and watch this 24-minute video about a similar resolution passed by the Cleveland City Council. Note points that stand out to you from what you read/watched and how this resolution might connect to community issues about which you are passionate and inform your work in the Civic Engagement Scholars program during the year ahead.