Event Ticketing and Payments

Getting Started

Online payments collected in CampusGroups are processed through PayPal.

Standard PayPal processing fees (generally 1.99% + $.49) apply to each transaction. No part of the fee is refundable, and only one refund can be processed per purchase. If you plan to offer refunds to your ticket buyers, review the "Refunds" section below very carefully.

School Accounting Number

In order to start receiving online payments, confirm that your group's default accounting information is present. This can be found in the "Payments" tab in your group settings, under "School Accounting Number". 

Staff- and Faculty-Led Groups

If your group accounting information is blank or out-of-date, email the following to campusgroups@case.edu:

  • Speedtype (ex: ABC123456) for the account that should receive the funds
  • Account number (ex: 123456) that can receive income
  • Event code (ex: 123456) if applicable

If you will need to more than one set of accounting details within the same group, mention it in the email and we will assist with the proper setup.

Student Organizations

You group's accounting information should already be present in CampusGroups. If the field is blank, email campusgroups@case.edu for assistance.

Ticketed Events

During event creation, you will have the opportunity to change the pricing of the tickets to your event. You can also create various ticket registration options that operate on different price-points or even on a donation basis, which could be especially helpful for philanthropy-driven events.

You can change your event settings such that individuals may register only once, or may register up to an unlimited amount of times.

Ticketing for Non-CWRU Contacts

Once you provide your event link to members of the public, external contacts can buy tickets and register for your events. They will be prompted to create a Guest account on CampusGroups prior to purchasing their ticket. External users can also download the mobile app to utilize mobile check-in, although they could also use the QR code from their registration confirmation email for this purpose.


By default, a ticket buyer may request a refund anytime from the event's registration page or their CampusGroups user profile. Event organizers can change this by setting refund dates and limitations in the RSVP options.

The refund request will then appear in "Money" > "Refund Requests", waiting for a group officer to approve it.

Once a group officer approves the request, it is routed to the CWRU CampusGroups team to be processed in PayPal. The buyer will receive a final notification when the refund is processed.

Partial Refunds

PayPal only permits one refund per transaction. If a buyer requests a partial refund (ex. 2 tickets out of a 4-ticket purchase), you should only approve the refund if they are confident that the buyer will not need any additional refunds on the purchase.

Once a partial refund is processed by the CWRU CampusGroups team, the rest of the purchase becomes nonrefundable. 

The CampusGroups "Online Revenues" and "Refund Requests" pages will list multiple tickets bought at the same time as separate items. When a buyer requests a full refund for a purchase containing multiple tickets, it is important to approve all of their refund requests at the same time to ensure that a partial refund is not processed.

If you do not intend to approve a refund request, mark the request as "Denied" on the "Refund Requests" page.

Refund Fees

PayPal will keep the entire processing fee when a refund is made to a buyer. This means that if you approve a full refund on a ticket sale, the full amount of the payment will be deducted from your account, even though you didn't receive that full amount initially.

Event organizers are strongly encouraged to consider their event's refund policy ahead of time, and adjust the registration settings and event description accordingly. Here are some possible strategies for minimizing unnecessary refund requests:

  • Restrict refund requests close to the event date. Make sure the refund deadline is communicated in the event information
  • Offer partial refunds instead of full refunds. Again, be sure to communicate this clearly in the event information
  • Open ticket sales on a date that is not too far in advance of the event (set in each Registration Options settings)
  • Limit ticket sales to only eligible attendees (via "Access" settings in each Registration Option)

Need Help?

If you are setting up a paid event and would like feedback or assistance on your event draft, email campusgroups@case.edu and we'd be happy to take a look.