CARE Report

If this is an emergency or a potentially dangerous situation, call Case Western Reserve University Police immediately at 216.368.3333.

The Campus Assessment, Referral and Engagement (CARE) Report will be submitted directly to the Dean of Students Office and will only be reviewed during normal business hours—Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. CARE Reports submitted after hours, weekends or holidays will be reviewed on the next business day.

All reports will be handled in a confidential manner whenever possible.

If you prefer to contact the Office of the Dean of Students to share your concern, please call 216.368.1527 or email us at

Case Western Reserve aims to create a community that cares for one another. From the moment students arrive on campus, they begin to find their place at the university.

The university experience can often be challenging, and asking for help can be difficult for some students. The Dean of Students Office and CARE Team reaches out to offer support so that students can be as successful as possible through graduation.

The CARE Team is an interdisciplinary support team which recognizes that student concerns are often multi-faceted. Students are connected to campus and external resources to provide them with appropriate and personalized outreach.

Students, parents, faculty and staff can identify students that may need additional support through this online form. Based on the type of support needed, a student is connected to members on the CARE Team who work with students one-on-one for as long as students may need the help.

CARE Team Membership

The CARE Team is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of university professionals representing a variety of campus departments. Team members selected from these areas have experience in Student Affairs, Title IX, threat assessment, medical and mental health evaluation, academic support, disability resources, and residence life.

The members selected have regular contact with campus community members and hold positions that have multiple daily touch points with the majority of campus departments whose roles involve assisting in the assessment of students displaying concerning behaviors and responding appropriately.