Mark Anthony

Headshot of Mark Anthony

In 1970, Mark Anthony was a participant in the first year of the National Youth Sports Program at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. Now he is an influential staff member of NYSP at Case Western Reserve University. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in education administration from the University of Findlay, Mr. Anthony attributes his desire to attend college to his initial experience in NYSP as a child. “NYSP has affected me and my career path,” he said. “It made me want to go to college and be a student athlete.” Today, Anthony uses his skills as an educational consultant and track and field coach at Eastmoor Academy in Columbus while his work at NYSP allows him to combine both of these interests. “It’s great to see how the program has grown to a true student athlete program. The classroom and learning components have been wonderful experiences to teach, but they also benefit the kids. They are very impressionable and it’s amazing to instill them with what I learned from the program. I’ve seen them become more civil-minded and academic-minded,” he said.

Anthony’s son, [Steven Anthony], a Case grad, is also involved with NYSP. “One day I got a call from my son telling me Coach [Dennis Harris] was looking for personnel,” Anthony said. “He said I’d be a perfect fit, so I came up, decided he was right and got back involved with the program.” Anthony looks forward to working every summer in Cleveland in part because of his fellow staffers.

“One of the joys of working NYSP is the staff,” he said. “I really like the planning stages. Everything we do is designed and on a calendar. Even the young staff is a joy. They have the opportunity to develop themselves and see how much work goes into the program. The continuity and flow of learning is wonderful.”