Reflections from the GA

Reflections from the 2020-2022 GA 

"I appreciated the opportunity to be a Graduate Assistant (GA) for the Office of Graduate Student Life and the Professional Development Center. I have been able to learn more about CWRU's campus as a whole and the interactions of each graduate school. I been able to explore creative avenues in terms of creating the newsletter, programming, and collaborating with other departments. The diverse experiences of this position has helped me build skills in my career such as collaboration, problem-solving, and strategic planning. Working in a supportive environment, it has been a privilege to be able to not only have the ability to contribute to CWRU graduate student life but also work towards my academic endeavors."

- Jessica Cheng GA from 2020-2022

Reflections from the 2018-2020 GA

"Being a Graduate Assistant (GA) for the past two years has really helped me really get to know CWRU's campus and the graduate student body. I have been able to network with various departments and programs to create and implement ideas that serve the interests of the graduate student body. Working as a GA has helped build skills that will help me in my career going forward like time management, budgeting, collaboration, and problem-solving. I have the luxury of being a student first while still being able to work in a job that I enjoy. The support the office gives you in your academic endeavors is an additional bonus. This position provides a level of independence and opportunities for creativity that other part-time jobs may not. This was a rewarding job for me with a very supportive supervisor that is motivated to help students grow."

     - Julie Gregg GA from 2018-2020