Returning Students, Travel Requirements, and Testing for Travel

Students returning to or remaining in Northeast Ohio: 

Students in Northeast Ohio who intend to be on campus, whether newly arrived or here throughout the winter break, must follow the same university protocols designed to keep transmission risk as low as possible prior to the start of the semester. 

  1. Obtain a test for COVID-19 between January 23- January 30 at Veale Recreation Center (off campus students) or with your move-in (on-campus students). 
  2. From January 23- February 1, students are expected to remain in their apartments or homes other than to get food, do laundry, or walk or perform other physical activity outside- even after receiving a negative test result. The only exception to this practice involves students working (via co-op or other employment) or conducting/ assisting with research; they may leave their residences for that purpose. 

The above guidance applies regardless of the location from which the student has traveled, with the exception of students arriving from international destinations. 

Students arriving from international destinations

Per Centers for Disease Control recommendations, students arriving from international destinations are required to complete a 7-day quarantine and be tested for COVID-19 on/after 3-5 days after arrival in the United States prior to returning to campus. 

Students living in on-campus housing will be permitted to remain in their usual housing and comply with the restrictions outlined above. Students living off campus should plan to remain in their off-campus housing. 

Other Travel 

Following the Return to Campus period, students who leave the greater Cleveland area will be subject to Ohio Travel Advisory restrictions, including a 14-day quarantine after returning from any state on the Ohio Travel Advisory list. Non-essential travel is strongly discouraged. 

We recognize that some students may need to travel during the semester. Some states and countries have specific testing and/or quarantine requirements for arriving travelers, including students leaving Ohio. If traveling within the U.S., check states' health department websites; if going abroad, review information on the U.S. Department of State's website. 

In some instances, carriers and countries require medical documentation of a negative COVID-19 test within a short period of time of a traveler's departure. Case Western Reserve's surveillance testing program involves a saliva PCR test and satisfies testing requirements for most international travel. Depending on departure date, students may need to arrange for supplemental tests outside their scheduled university surveillance tests. 

Please note that they university cannot guarantee turnaround time- with any test. We suggest that you allow at least 48 hours prior to your expected departure. UHCS will not be able to expedite results for travel purposes. Also, please be aware that individuals with a positive result will not be able to continue with their travel plans, per public health guidelines. UHCS is not able to provide antibody or serologic testing. 

JFK and Newark airports offer clinics with PCR and antibody testing. More information can be found here

Additional Resources

Testing centers in Ohio base on County: