Remote Opportunities

Our office is here to develop an inclusive CWRU community that supports all students.

As an office, OMA’s staff is here for all students, whether you are back on campus, living off campus or studying remotely. We are all a part of the CWRU community.

This page will help connect students with what we are doing on campus and online to help continue to foster deeper connections within the CWRU community.

Who's in the office?

With CWRU social distancing protocols, OMA capacity has been significantly reduced. This includes each of our staff offices, as well as the conference room and computer lab. Recent additional warnings to safely de-densify the space have encouraged us to go down to 1 professional staff person per day in the office, while others continue to work from home on those days.

Students who would like to be in touch with us remotely (whether on-campus or from far away) may call, email, or schedule a remote appointment no matter the location of the staff member on a given day.

Rotating Schedule of Staff in the Office:

Randy: every Monday
Jasmine: every Tuesday 
Naomi: every Wednesday
John: every Thursday
Janée: every Friday

This week:

Monday, Jan 25: Jasmine
Tuesday, Jan 26: Janée
Wednesday,  Jan 27: Naomi
Thursday, Jan 28: Randy
Friday, Jan 29: John