Accommodated Testing Information for Faculty

The Office of Accommodated Testing and Services (OATS) has prepared the following information to help our faculty partners navigate the accommodated testing process. If you have questions or need assistance, contact us.

Notification Emails from OATS

Each time your students test with us, you will receive a series of email messages from OATS. These messages will be sent:

  1. One week before a testing date, listing student(s) testing and their appointment information, including start/stop times. Your or your TA may receive questions from your student(s) during these time frames.
  2. About two days before a testing date, if:
    • students who registered late for an exam were not on the original list.
    • the test materials have not been received.
  3. The day of the exam, when students have completed your exam.

It is important to read each of these messages leading up to the exam because one or more of your students may be testing either earlier or later than the time that the rest of the class is taking your exam. This will help you know when to provide us with your exam materials.

If you see a start time not compliant with your course, send an email to immediately. Students may require an early start time, but the stop time should fall within the class time for your exam. Any start times outside of your exam date and time are worked out by OATS with you prior to the exam.

Faculty Authorization Form (FAF)

The Faculty Authorization Form (FAF) is sent along with your student’s accommodation letter. Here are some important things to remember as you complete the form:

  • Complete the FAF promptly. We can’t test your student without a completed form.
  • Include the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of any co-instructors in your course and your teaching assistants who may pick up your completed exams.
  • Complete all information applicable to your course for the semester, including: the duration of your quizzes, exams, mid-term, and your final. Noting if a date and time for your final is different than what is in SIS is especially important.
  • Only one FAF per course is needed per semester. If additional students send an accommodation letter for the same course, you don’t need to complete a new FAF.
  • Attach your syllabus and your classroom testing policy (if not stated in your syllabus) in an email to We need your testing policy in order to know how to respond to students who may arrive late or do not show for your exam(s). If students don’t have a disability-related issue, they are held to the same policies as their classmates testing in the classroom.

Preparing and Sending Exams to OATS

Send testing materials to OATS at least one business day before your students are scheduled to start testing, preferably by noon the day before. This helps OATS staff help you meet your obligation to your students. 

Test materials should be either uploaded through AIM, using the appointment notification email link, or sent to Exam materials are secured in a locked cabinet prior to being taken and until they are picked up or delivered.

Notify us at of changes in your testing process and/or scheduled exam/finals times.

Please be aware that we do not read email after 5 p.m. or on weekends. We need one business day to prepare each test to reflect both a student’s individual testing accommodations along with your specific test format and directions.

Important Information to Include

Provide the following information at the top of all exams sent to us:

  • your first and last name
  • course title and number
  • exam number.
    This information helps us keep track of exams since we administer 30 to 75 different exams on a daily basis, often with the same course name, but different instructors.

Be Prepared for Questions

Be sure that you or your TA is available when your students are testing to answer questions that they may have about your exam. The start and stop timeframes listed on the notification will indicate when you may expect questions about the exam. We will use the method of communication (either email or phone) that you indicated on the FAF. Include both your contact information and that of your TA’s.

Large Testing Groups

There may be occasions when we may ask if a TA from your course could assist with proctoring large groups of your students on heavy testing days such as during midterms and finals. We may also request assistance for exam times that run past our close time of 5 p.m. during the regular semester.

Pickup and Delivery of Completed Exams

Couriers deliver completed exams Monday through Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. for faculty not on the Case Quad.

Couriers will only leave the exams with individuals who can sign for these testing materials, such as a Department Assistant. If you want your exams delivered to someone else in your department, such as a TA, email with the name and location of the person.

We cannot leave completed exams in mailboxes or slide them under office doors. We also cannot scan completed exams unless a faculty has an accommodation or an emergency.