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Interreligious Council Leaders

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The IRC is here—offering a collaborative community where every student, staff, and faculty feels encouraged to explore their spirituality, faith traditions, and/or religious identity.

The IRC members are here to speak with you about how to find peace and focus to pursue your studies and life goals with success and happiness. In addition to the IRC, these campus resources and information pages are available:

Interreligious Council Members

Alevsky Family

Chabad @ CWRU

Rabbi Mendy & Sara Alevsky
Phone - Rabbi Mendy: 216.262.4857 
Sara: 347.461.7182
Location: 2049 East 115th St.
Visit the Chabad @ CWRU website

"Always celebrating Judaism joyfully, through programs, events, classes, meaningful interactions and leadership opportunities!"

Kevin Lowry from Student Community at Covenant

Covenant Student Community

Kevin J. Lowry
Phone: 216.421.0482, ext. 237
Location: Church of the Covenant
Visit the Covenant Student Community website

"Spiritually Alive - Radically Inclusive - Justice Centered - Fiercely Loving."

Jill Ross from Hillel @ CWRU

Hillel @ CWRU

Jill Ross 
Phone: 216.231.0040
Location: 11291 Euclid Ave.
Visit the Cleveland Hillel website

"Engage and empower Jewish young adults through exceptional pluralistic programming and experiences that foster active Jewish life on and off campus and in the Cleveland Jewish community."

Ken Nakajima from Intervarsity Christian Fellowship @ CWRU

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship @ CWRU

Ken Nakajima
Phone: 724.809.1675
Location: Starbucks on E. 115th or Coffee House 
Visit the InterVarsity website

"Empowering students to transform lives, renew campuses, and change the world through faith in Jesus."

Ramez Islambouli from the Muslim Student Association

Muslim Student Association

Ramez Islambouli 
Phone: 216.288.6145
Location: The Interfaith Center
Visit the Muslim Student Association website

Faculty advisor for Muslim students on campus.

Steve Perry from Newman Catholic Campus Ministry

Newman Catholic Campus Ministry

Steve Perry
Phone: 216.800.8653
Location: The Interfaith Center

"Case Catholic Campus Ministry provides a joyful Christian community in which members of the CWRU community can engage in formation, fellowship, and service rooted in the Catholic Tradition."

Rev. Shelley Nelson-Bridger from United Protestant Campus Ministries

United Protestant Campus Ministries (UPCaM)

Rev. Shelley Nelson-Bridger 
Phone: 513.635.7594
Location: The Interfaith Center
Visit the UPCaM website

"A Christ-centered student community welcoming all to grow in faith and service."

Judy Hammer, Campus Liaison for the Interreligious Council

Campus Liaison for the Interreligious Council

Judy Hammer  
Phone: 216.368.8825
Location: Sears 440

Liaison for IRC and pastoral counselor for presence and prayer.