UNIV 100, 102 and 103

Build Your Presentation and Study Skills

The university offers three non-credit, pass/no-pass courses that can help you adjust to various demands of a college schedule. All are taught by Academic Resources staff. Registration is handled through SIS. 

UNIV 100 - Essential Academic Strategies

Essential Academic Strategies (UNIV 100) is a non-credit, pass/no-pass five-week course that will help you develop effective strategies for managing a busy schedule, preparing for quizzes and exams, taking good notes and enhancing study skills. The seminar runs for one hour per week, on Thursdays from 4:15 to 5:15 p.m., and is conducted two times a semester. Academic Resources staff members lead the sessions. Register through SIS.

The UNIV 100 instructors hope that you will finish the seminar comfortable in your ability to:

  • Understand your learning style and the ways in which recognition of that style may help you study and communicate effectively with professors and peers.
  • Use effective time management strategies to handle a challenging course load and minimize procrastination, while taking into account your extracurricular activities and personal needs.
  • Take notes efficiently and effectively during lectures and while reading.
  • Create and maintain a consistent system for organizing and storing notes.
  • Prepare for multiple types of exams you may encounter at Case Western Reserve, including multiple choice, true/false, short answer or essay tests.

To help improve your time management and study skills, UNIV 100 will include:

  • Hands-on activities related to note-taking, test preparation and group conflict management.
  • Lively and thoughtful discussions with your peers and UNIV 100 instructors regarding how to best manage the course load at CWRU.
  • Weekly electronic journal entries in which you reflect on how you are handling your work commitments and extracurricular activities and set goals for the upcoming week.

UNIV 102 - Navigating Presentation Skills

Navigating Presentation Skills (UNIV 102) is designed to help students develop effective strategies for presenting in CWRU classes. Students will practice various types of presentations while enhancing their spoken English skills and vocabulary. English grammar, pronunciation and intonation will be reviewed. 

The course is non-credit, pass/no-pass and meets once per week for five weeks. Register through SIS.

UNIV 103 - Navigating Academic Skills

In Navigating Academic Skills (UNIV 103), students will develop effective strategies for academic reading, vocabulary use and general fluency in English. The course will also touch on general academic study skills such as listening to lectures, note-taking and participating in classroom discussions. The course is non-credit, pass/no-pass and meets once per week for five weeks.

Course schedules and registration can be found in SIS.  

Contact Michelle Cseh at mkc82@case.edu for more information or questions.