Spring 2023 First-Year Student Course Selection Resource

We're excited for you to join the Case Western Reserve community as a new first-year student! This resource, along with your navigator, will help you build a draft of your schedule before registration opens.

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    Getting Started

    The information below will help you understand the components of your first semester course schedule, create a first draft of your schedule and notify your navigator when your draft is ready for review. You will also practice using SIS and My Journey.

    The process consists of four steps:

    For an overview of these steps, you can watch our helpful video:

    Step 1: Get Acquainted with a CWRU Course Schedule


    About the SAGES First Seminar

    Your schedule will include a SAGES First Seminar, a 4 credit course that provides a foundation for your undergraduate experience at CWRU. To learn more about SAGES, including helpful videos from students, please view the FAQs on the SAGES website.

    1. Complete the SAGES First Seminar Directed Self-Placement from your Roadmap by the posted due date.
    2. You will be directed to select one of three First Seminar types, but will not choose your specific seminar course.
    3. During the course registration period, you will register for all of your classes except SAGES via SIS (as outlined later in this guide).
    4. After registering, you will complete one of the following, based on your selected First Seminar type:
      • If you selected a Topical First Seminar: return to your Roadmap, mark "Course Registration" as complete, and refresh the page. A new item "SAGES First Seminar Placement Times" will activate to allow you to select your preferences.
      • If you selected Foundations Seminar or Non-Native English Speakers First Seminar, you will be placed in a section that fits your schedule, and do not need to take any further action.

    Note: You will see the course FSCC-850 already on your schedule as a placeholder for the seminar and your “Fourth Hour” meeting time (either Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 12:45 to 2 p.m. – not all three days). This course will be replaced with your actual First Seminar.

    First Semester Schedule Template

    The template below can be used as a starting point to guide you as you consider your first semester schedule.

    COURSE 1

    SAGES First Seminar (see above)

    • Required for all first year students
    • Allot 4 credits in schedule planning for SAGES course 
    • Enrolled in this course through separate registration process
    COURSE 2 Recommended introductory course for a major you are considering (see Step 2 below to explore course options)
    COURSE 3

    Choose one:

    • Additional recommended major course
    • A course for another major of interest
    COURSE 4

    Choose one:

    • Additional recommended major course
    • A course for another major of interest
    • A breadth requirement (see more below)
    • Accompanying 1- or 2-credit lab (if applicable)
    COURSE 5

    Choose one:

    • Additional recommended major course
    • A course for another major of interest
    • A breadth requirement (see more below)
    • Accompanying 1- or 2-credit lab (if applicable)
    • No course
    Total Credit Hours:

    We recommend a schedule of 14 to 17 credit hours. Your total number of credit hours can range from 12 to 19 credits.

    Additional Information to Consider: 

    When you plan your schedule, you may want to consider courses that satisfy breadth requirements for your undergraduate degree. Breadth requirement courses are a great way to explore topics of interest outside your main area of study.

    Learn about breadth requirements

    As you explore course options, some will have linked components, such as recitations (REC), discussions (DIS), labs (LAB), clinicals (CLN) and additional lecture (LEC) sections. If you are considering one of these courses, you must register for all components required for that course.

    Step 2: Explore Courses and Recommendations

    With the template above as your guide, review and refer to the following resources as you build your first semester schedule.

    Step 3: Build your Schedule in SIS

    Search and add courses to your "Shopping Cart" in SIS to build your draft course plan and prepare for course registration. 

    For Nursing students: see major-specific scheduling advice in the Step 2 "Explore recommendations by major" section.

    Use the videos and other resources below to learn how to use the Student Information System (SIS).

    For additional SIS guides, please refer to the University Registrar website.

    Step 4: Mark your SIS Shopping Cart Ready for Review

    Due by November 11: Log in to My Journey, and mark that your SIS Shopping Cart is ready for review. You are encouraged to submit this within one week of your navigator meeting.

    Your navigator will review your SIS Shopping Cart and provide feedback and/or recommendations as an appointment note in My Journey (accessed under "Appointment Resources"). You will receive a notification email to your CWRU email address when your navigator posted their feedback note.

    For assistance with these steps, consult the video and PDF resources about My Journey

    Register on November 29

    Review your navigator's feedback in My Journey in preparation for official course registration.

    Registration opens November 29 at 9 a.m. eastern time. You will register for courses in SIS, and can use the SIS resources in Step 3 above to enroll from your Shopping Cart or from the Class Search function. 

    After registering for courses in SIS, don't forget to select your SAGES preferences, if applicable. This process is detailed in Step 1 above.

    The following items must be completed on your Roadmap in order to be eligible to register for courses:

    • Sign your financial responsibility agreement in SIS
    • Provide your emergency contact information in SIS
    • Indicate your plan to send AP/IB scores or other credit; make sure to officially send them, or schedule your scores to be sent when available
    • Write your Letter to your Success Team
    • Complete the Math Diagnostic, if applicable
    • Complete the SAGES First Seminar Directed Self-Placement
    • Speak with your navigator over Zoom or phone
    • Mark your SIS Shopping Cart ready for navigator review and feedback

    Course Changes After Registration

    Your navigator will review your official schedule after registration and will reach out to you via email if adjustments are needed before classes begin. Be sure to speak to your navigator and/or advisor if you are considering any changes to your schedule. Changes can be made through the Drop/Add period, and you can find dates and deadlines on the Registrar's website. 

    Need Assistance?

    Schedule a phone or Zoom video call with your navigator via My Journey.