3 ways to prepare for the fall semester

closeup of young man writing in college library

The start of the fall 2022 semester is just around the corner with classes beginning Aug. 29. This week, we’re sharing three tips to help you prepare and have a great start to a new academic year.

1. Double check your fall semester schedule and start reviewing syllabi

It may have been a little while since you last looked at your fall semester schedule. Take a moment to log in to the Student Information System (SIS) and review your schedule of classes. Start thinking about what your weekly schedule will look like and plan your calendar accordingly. 

Next, sign in to Canvas to start reviewing course syllabi. Mark down important dates like exams, midterms, and assignment due dates. Making note of these important dates now will help you feel organized going into the new semester. 

Is there a subject you anticipate being a challenge this fall? Make a plan to connect with academic resources.

2. Update your resume with your summer experience

Whether you spent your summer doing research, an internship, volunteering, a summer job, or something else, spend a little time updating your resume with your most recent experiences. Reflect on your summer experience and consider what you’ve learned and which skills you built and add these items to your resume. 

Need advice on creating or updating your resume? Check out resources from Post-Graduate Planning and Experiential Education or visit the Career Lab

Keep stories and examples from your summer experiences top of mind for career fairs and other networking events that will be happening this fall. There are three careers fairs early in the fall semester that you won’t want to miss.

Did your summer experience confirm or change your career interests? The start of a new semester is a great time to sign into Handshake, update your profile and make sure you’re a member of a career interest area.

3. Make time for fun

While the start of the academic year comes with new coursework and responsibilities, it’s also an opportunity to reconnect with friends and look forward to events and traditions that excite you.

As you return to campus and plan for your fall semester, make some time for fun:

Case Western Reserve is thrilled to welcome you back to campus, and welcome you home. We’re excited to see how the new year takes shape for you.