Career Resource Highlight: GoinGlobal

photo of a globe

By Lily TranCat ’22, career consulting intern

Imagine this…

You’ve landed an internship in a city you’ve never been to. You’re excited, but you’re also a little nervous living in a completely new area. The questions you have flash one after the other. “How do I get around this city?” and “What fun things are there to do?” you wonder. “Where do I even start?”

The amount of research you have to do to prepare for your summer seems endless. Finally, you discover one neat little website: GoinGlobal.

It does all the work for you. It’s in-depth, digestible, and replaces the row of tabs crowding your screen. Equipped with more knowledge, you start dreaming about the great food you’ll eat, places you’ll visit, people you’ll meet. Adventure awaits.

About GoinGlobal

GoinGlobal is your one stop shop for information on finding opportunities and learning about different places around the world. You can find the most famous restaurants for Philly Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia while searching for engineering internships in Germany—all on the same website.

Whether you’re an international undergraduate student applying to companies in the U.S. or an MBA candidate finding work outside the country, there's something in it for you. Ready to dive in?

Navigating the Site

To access GoinGlobal make sure you log in via My Career first:

From the GoinGlobal homepage you can access five main tabs of information: Career Guides, Jobs, Internships, H1B Visas, and the Employer Directory.

Career Guides

There are three types of career guides you can explore: Country, Global Cities and U.S. Cities.

GoinGlobal has information on every step of the hiring process from finding an opportunity, applying and interviewing. It even includes an in-depth look into what it’s like to live at that location with pages of cultural advice and financial considerations. Each guide is packed with helpful content.

All this information is put together by a team of local experts who do research or work in career services and study abroad. Each guide is updated and tailored to global trends, making sure what you read is reliable, comprehensive, and practical.

Bonus tip: You can read the entire GoinGlobal site in over 150 languages. Just click the “Translate” button on the top right of the screen and select from the drop-down menu.

Job and Internship Search

Moving on to the next two categories, the Job and Internship search databases. GoinGlobal combs through company websites, job boards and third party websites to compile tens of thousands of posts, updated daily. Meaning you have the ability to search for positions in multiple countries in one place instead of, for example, going on one job board for internships in Sweden and opening another for jobs in New York.

If you’re looking for a remote position, they have that too. Just click the toggle at the top of the job search tool. They also have an extended search feature for opportunities in nonprofits and NGOs listed via Idealist.

Bonus tip: The database also supports listings in local languages. Search for a job title in that country’s language to get a wider range of results. For instance, let’s say you’re searching for analyst positions in Argentina. When you type in the search in English, you’ll get about 1,000 results. However, when you type in “analista,” you’ll get over 3,000 results. Other keywords you can use include Analyst, Junior, entry level and graduation.

H1B Visas Plus Database

For international students looking to work at companies in the U.S. after graduation, the H1B Visas Plus Database will be especially useful to you when identifying employers. This is also a good resource for considering OPT.

After searching, you’ll see all petitions submitted by companies historically that can be sorted by job title, wage, etc. This data is sourced from the U.S. Department of Labor with records dating back to 2009.

Bonus tip: Try filtering by geographic region first, then looking for a specific company within that area. Like choosing Chicago, IL from the drop down menu and searching “Ernst & Young” to narrow your results and speed up your search. Doing so will still give you thousands of results, so you can also narrow down the years when filtering.

Employer Directory

Last but not least is the Employer Directory, a useful tool to use if you know which industry or location you want to work in. Filtering through this page will help you learn about new employers and broaden your potential knowledge of opportunities.

GoinGlobal has a little bit of something for everyone from its reliable, comprehensive, and practical Career Guides created by local experts to its various, far-reaching databases. It eliminates the problem of combing through a billion search results on Google that have different levels of reliability, saving you time and worry.

Bonus tip: Another way to access GoinGlobal is to create a personal account linked to your CWRU email address. This will let you customize your experience further by saving specific country search pages, job search criteria, etc.