Celebrate Asian Mid-Autumn Festival

Midautumn festival photo

Case Western Reserve University students are invited to celebrate Asian Mid-Autumn Festival with a free celebration giveaway provided by the Center for International Affairs!

On Thursday, October 1, Center for International Affairs staff and student volunteers will be handing out the Asian Mid-Autumn Festival giveaway items which include free mooncakes and CWRU rabbit stress balls.

The giveaway will take place outside Tomlinson Hall from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or as long as supplies last. Masks and social distancing measures will be required during pickup (for example, standing 6 feet apart from anyone else picking up items).

The Asian Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration of a successful harvest throughout much of Eastern Asia and is enjoyed by bringing together families and friends. It goes by many names including Tet Trung Thu, Tsukimi and Chuseok. Traditions vary, but often include celebrating the harvest of rice and wheat by eating special desserts like mooncakes, sharing stories, and hanging lanterns. The moon is an important part of the holiday, and it's common for celebrations to take place at night to provide an opportunity to enjoy it. The rabbit is a popular symbol of the festival based on Chinese mythology.

The Center has a collection of videos on its website that showcase Asian Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations around the world and some “how-tos” to create your own treats at home. For these and more, visit the Center’s website