Data Science research opportunities for all majors

Person typing on a laptop

The Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension (SDLE) Research Center has exciting research opportunities for undergraduates interested in Data Science and building connections with national labs. 

Beginning in the fall semester, the center’s one year collaboration with the National Nuclear Security Administration, administered through Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, will focus on materials degradation and stockpile surveillance. The collaboration will span a breadth of materials data science topics, including materials characterization, additive manufacturing, and data science & informatics. 

Students are able to engage with undergraduate research opportunities through this partnership by enrolling in Undergraduate Research in Materials Science and Engineering (EMSE 325) or through student employment. 

Students of all academic backgrounds are encouraged to explore these Data Science research opportunities. Undergraduate researchers continuing into the spring semester will work with a graduate student on proposals and may be offered a fellowship to perform summer research.

Interested students can direct questions to Jonathan Steirer, operations manager ( and include a brief statement of interest.