Exploring and making decisions about your academic and career path

group of students sitting around a conference table with laptops

At this point in your Case Western Reserve experience, you may have settled on a major area of interest and started thinking about possible post-graduate opportunities. If you haven’t already, you can work with the academic representative from your department to complete the major declaration form. Declaring your major will connect you with an assigned major advisor and help you learn more about departmental resources and offerings.

If you are still considering options, that’s OK too. Post-Graduate Planning and Experiential Education offers many great resources and tools to facilitate your exploration, such as:

  • Self-assessments to help you learn more about your interests, personality and values and how they relate to potential career fields and areas of study
  • Career interest areas to explore industry-specific resources and to tailor your job recommendations from Handshake
  • The experiential education database to take your learning outside of the classroom and get hands-on experience

Explore the various resources listed above, but don’t feel the need to “do it all”. Reflect on your goals and select an opportunity that will help you take the next step.