Got your shot? Let us know.

dose of the covid-19 vaccine

As part of planning for the 2021-2022 academic year, university leaders are asking all faculty, staff and students to submit a copy of their vaccination card if they have received their COVID-19 shot(s).

Knowing what proportion of the campus community is fully vaccinated is an important part of determining health and safety protocols for the fall semester—as well as whether to require vaccinations for people living on and/or coming to campus.

To provide your vaccination information, first read the instructions on the vaccine verification webpage, and then go to the same website used for all campus care: Follow the prompts to enter dates of vaccination and upload a picture of your vaccine card; within 10 business days you will either be able to see that your submission has been verified—or, if any issues exist, you will hear directly from UHS. 

You can view the original vaccination verification email sent to undergraduates this month online.