It’s On CWRU announces the 2021 Sexual Assault Awareness Month programming calendar

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month and features the theme “We Can Build Safe Online Spaces.” Over the last year, COVID-19 has impacted the world and highlighted the importance of virtual connection. With that comes a need for exploration of consent, advocacy, relationship-building, intervention and accountability in our virtual spaces to support safety in all our spaces at CWRU.

Throughout April, the Flora Stone Mather Center alongside participating campus and community partners, are sharing a calendar of programming that supports survivors, empowers our community's safety, and addresses the impacts of sexual violence at CWRU and throughout the world.

All Month

Teal Talk Tuesdays

Follow @florastonemathercenter on Instagram to explore a different topic related to sexual assault awareness each Tuesday throughout April. A post with the week’s topic will be dropped each Tuesday morning and will invite you to share what these words mean to YOU! Drop your thoughts in the comments section or direct message the Mather Center to have your thoughts shared anonymously.

Friday Facts

Join the Mather Center on Instagram every Friday to learn a new fact about the prevalence of sexual violence and steps we can take to disrupt violence in our community. Like, save and share these posts to your story with the hashtag #ItsOnCWRU to be entered in the Sexual Assault Awareness Month giveaway!

Facebook Profile Picture Frame

Looking for an easy and effective way to raise awareness about the It’s On CWRU commitment to ending campus sexual violence? Frame your Facebook profile picture with the It’s On CWRU slogan to spark conversations regarding sexual violence prevention within your sphere of influence. Click on your profile picture, select “Update Profile Picture,” select “Add Frame” in the top right corner, search “ItsOnCWRU,” select the frame that says “#ItsOnCWRU to disrupt the culture of violence,” and click “Use as Profile Picture.”

Student Advocate Virtual Drop-In Hours

Mondays, 3 to 5 p.m. EDT

Advocate Drop-In hours are for any CWRU, CIA, CIM and KSU Podiatry undergraduate or graduate student who may have questions about sexual misconduct reporting options or the Office of Equity (Title IX) process. Advocate Drop-In hours are confidential, although non-clinical in nature.
Students may use these hours to process related questions, consultation, "how to help a friend" questions, or referrals for clinical services such as individual or group therapy, or community referrals.

Zoom link sent after registration. Register online.

Advocate drop-in hours are available all year, and may be especially beneficial during months bringing awareness to sexual violence.


Talking to Youth about Sexuality: A Caring Adult Workshop

Tuesday, April 6, from noon to 1:30 p.m. EDT

In this 90 minute program facilitated by Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio's Ohio Center for Sex Education, parents, guardians, older siblings, and youth-adjacent caring adults will learn how to engage in ongoing communication with their young person about sex and sexuality to encourage positive sexual self-concept and its contributions to combatting sexual violence.

Register for the workshop in CampusGroups.

Day of Action: Wear Teal

Tuesday, April 6, all day

Wear Teal is a national social activism campaign that encourages people to wear teal clothing and/or teal ribbons—the color of sexual assault prevention—to demonstrate their support for survivors of sexual violence. This year at CWRU, we encourage you to wear teal in your physical and virtual spaces to raise awareness and stand in solidarity with survivors. Take a picture of yourself wearing teal and tag @florastonemathercenter and #It’sOnCWRU to be entered into a SAAM Mather Center giveaway.

Student Advocate Instagram Takeover

Friday, April 9, all day

Join Student Advocate Megan Long (she/her) from University Health and Counseling Services, as she takes over the @florastonemathercenter Instagram page for the April 9 Friday Fact. Turn on the Mather Center’s page notifications so you can get to know Megan, her role at CWRU and confidential resources available on campus and in the community.

Keep an eye on our stories for a chance to ask Megan questions throughout the day.

For more information about gender-based violence support, visit the University Health and Counseling Services Advocate page.

It’s On CWRU: An Introduction to CWRU’s Violence Prevention Campaign

Monday, April 12, from 4 to 4:30 p.m. EDT

Join the Mather Center for an introduction to the newly centralized violence prevention campaign called It's On CWRU. The mission of It's On CWRU is to unify our community's effort to disrupt the culture of violence through a visual marketing initiative, evidence-informed education, survivor support, and community investment. This campaign launch is the first step in our continued commitment to a safe environment for all people here at CWRU.
The twenty minute presentation will be followed by Q & A. 

Register for the It’s On CWRU introduction in CampusGroups.

Disrupting the Culture of Violence: How to be a Prosocial Bystander

Tuesday, April 20, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. EDT

As part of the It’s On CWRU initiative, this evidence-informed bystander intervention program uses community care as the foundation of intervention. Participants will learn how to identify potential violent incidents, individual responsibility to intervene, and how to do so safely and effectively in order to maintain a safe environment for all people.

Register for the bystander workshop in CampusGroups.

The Clothesline Project @ CWRU

April 21 to 28 on Instagram

Created in 1990 by Rachel Carey-Harper, The Clothesline Project is a national program that uses color-coded shirts decorated by survivors and people impacted by sexual violence to educate and raise awareness on the prevalence of violence in our own communities, a visual reminder of the statistics we often ignore or cannot see readily.

This year’s t-shirt installation will be created and presented virtually. If you’d like to share your story of survival or impact, please select the template color below that represents your experience and anonymously submit completed designs to the Mather Center by Tuesday, April 20. Your work will be featured anonymously on the Mather Center’s Instagram page to create a “clothesline” of experiences connecting us to one another.

  • White for people who have died as a result of violence.
  • Yellow or Beige for survivors of physical assault and/or domestic violence.
  • Red, Pink, Orange for survivors of rape or sexual assault.
  • Blue or Green for survivors of incest or childhood sexual abuse.
  • Purple or Lavender for survivors of sexual violence based on perceived sexual orientation or gender.
  • Brown or Gray for survivors of emotional, spiritual, or verbal abuse.
  • Black for those disabled as the result of an attack, or assaulted because of a disability.

Day of Action: Denim Day

Wednesday, April 28, all day

The Denim Day campaign began after the Italian Supreme Court overturned a rape conviction on the basis that because the victim was wearing tight jeans, she must have helped the person who raped her remove her jeans, thereby implying consent. The following day, women in the Italian Parliament wore jeans in solidarity with the victim. Peace Over Violence, a multicultural volunteer-centered nonprofit dedicated to ending interpersonal violence, developed the Denim Day campaign in response to this case and the resulting activism.

Join members of the CWRU community and wear denim on April 28 to engage in this act of solidarity and bring awareness to victim blaming and destructive myths that surround sexual violence.

Tinder Nightmares: Dating in the Digital Age

Thursday, April 29, from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

This interpersonal workshop offers an exploration of the challenges, risks, and opportunities that dating apps have provided to people looking for love, lust, or something in between. Participants will unpack virtual dating topics, including ghosting, parasocial crushes, virtual consent and boundaries, and more. Take a break from swiping right to join the conversation.

Register for the workshop in CampusGroups.