New, self-paced pre-med/pre-health Canvas course available

Person typing on a laptop

Pre-med and pre-health students are invited to enroll in a new Canvas course, "Medical School Application Process and Preparation." Despite the title, this course is intended to support all pre-health students, including pre-dental, pre-physician assistant, and others, as they consider how to be a competitive applicant.

Because of high demand for individual advising appointments and workshops about the application process, Post-Graduate Planning and Experiential Education created an on-demand, self-guided resource that contains much of the information discussed during those events.

While this course was primarily developed to support students in the application process, the “Preparing as a Pre-Health/Pre-Med Student” module is particularly helpful for new students, as it contains many common questions and recommendations on how to build a strong foundation as a pre-health/pre-med student.

This course will be a new hub for announcements and requirements as it relates to the Composite Letter Process; more information will be released soon, but students intending to apply for a Composite Letter Packet from Post-Graduate Planning and Experiential Education for the upcoming cycle are encouraged to enroll now.

Enroll in the Canvas course.