Plan ahead for course registration

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Registration for the summer and fall semester begins soon. Consult the Classes & Enrollment tile in SIS to confirm your specific registration dates (enrollment appointments).

More information regarding registration dates and times can be found on the University Registrar website.

Continue reading and follow the steps below to prepare for registration.

Act to remove any pre-registration holds

Prior to registration, make sure to check whether or not you have any holds on your account by viewing the Tasks tile in SIS. If you see that a hold exists, click the Tasks tile to learn more. Any holds that are present when registration opens will prevent you from enrolling in classes.

The most common holds are Registration Advising Hold and Past Due Balance:

  • Your Registration Advising Hold must be released by your faculty academic advisor before you can register for classes. You’ll need to review your course selections with your faculty academic advisor before your hold can be removed.
  • If you currently have a Past Due Balance hold, you should contact Student Financial Services to make arrangements for paying the balance and having the hold removed. You might also consider consulting with a counselor in University Financial Aid to explore the available options for assistance with resolving the balance on your account.

Build your schedule in advance and check for conflicts

As you are putting together your schedule, use the Schedule Planner and Shopping Cart in SIS to identify the courses you wish to take. Make sure there are no date/time conflicts or pre/co-requisite issues (the “Validate” option in your Shopping Cart will help you confirm this) and address them before attempting to register for courses.

Be mindful of courses that may have variable credit hours. When you attempt to register for a variable credit hour course, there is a drop down menu where you can choose the specific number of credits. It always defaults to the lowest possible value and may require your attention during registration.

Request permissions for courses, if applicable

If you are planning to register for a course that requires any kind of permission (instructor consent, closed course, requisites or time conflict), remember that you can submit a permission request in advance of registration on SIS. A permission request requires that you provide the instructor with details of your circumstances and the reason for your request.  Permission requests are granted by the course instructor and/or academic departments.  If approved,  you must complete the course enrollment in SIS.

If you have questions about course registration, holds or procedures to follow in SIS, please contact your faculty advisor or your navigator for assistance.