Rest, recharge and be well

person sitting cross-legged and meditating

Stress is everywhere and our bodies respond to the way we think, feel and act. We strive for wellness in all areas of our lives in order to achieve academically, chart our career paths, and to advance our personal lives and relationships. As fall break begins, take time to check in with yourself, relax and recharge. 

Whatever you have planned for your fall break, try to do these three things:

  1. Get enough sleep. Sleep is important for many reasons, not only to just rest your eyes and relax after a long day. Getting at least eight hours of sleep helps to improve your overall mental and physical health by giving your body time to repair and be fit and ready for another day. Sleep is also essential to the learning and memory function of your brain.
  2. Hydrate. Drinking water increases your energy level and brain function. Drinking enough water is so important that there are tons of apps to help remind you to stay hydrated.
  3. Relax. Build time into your schedule to relax. Even for just a few minutes. Find activities that relax you whether that’s hanging out with friends, listening to a podcast, working out, meditating, playing video games, or something else. 

Recommit to your wellness

Remember, University Health and Counseling Services offers a broad range of programs and resources for students. When you return from break, recommit to your wellness and check out upcoming programs like:

  • BIPOC Support Space | BIPOC Support Space is a scheduled, 30 minute, 1:1, confidential Zoom or in-person consultation with Multicultural Specialist Naomi Drakeford PhD. Support Space is good for students that are looking for a space to talk, needing input on mental health concerns, or searching for a safe outlet to discuss experiences as BIPOC on campus and beyond.
  • Koru Mindfulness | Koru Mindfulness is a four session course that will teach you a wide variety of mindfulness skills in a group learning environment. These skills will help you incorporate mindfulness into your daily life so that you can experience the benefits of less stress, better sleep and improved self-compassion.

Help is available

All students, regardless of location, can connect with a counselor for a same-day appointment by scheduling through or by calling Counseling Services at 216.368.5872 during normal business hours.  

Case Western Reserve also offers CWRU Care, a 24/7 mental telehealth care service that students can access from wherever they are. Through CWRU Care, you can talk to a licensed provider via smartphone or any web-enabled device. Licensed providers are available to offer mental health support via telephone or secure video visits.