Tips from the Career Lab: “What do I do after the career fair?”

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This career tip is by Kenya Narvaez ’23, career consulting intern. Meet with Kenya and other consulting interns during drop-in hours for the Career Lab.

Now that the fairs have passed, you may be wondering, “what now?” What you do after the career fair is just as important as your preparation the week before. Here are four things to do now that the career fairs are over!

Send thank you emails

Some employers you talked to at the career fairs likely gave you a business card or some way to contact them. Sending thank you emails to the employers you interacted with is a great way to follow up with them. It’s best to send a thank you email to employers within a day or two of talking with them. However, it’s always better to send a thank you email, even if it's been a bit longer than the recommended time.

Following up with employers shows your continued interest and helps them remember you. In your email, make sure to introduce yourself and state where you interacted with them as well as something memorable about the conversation or something you liked learning about the employer. Make sure to keep these emails short and concise.

Reflect on your experience and identify areas of improvement

Career fairs are a learning experience. It’s helpful to reflect on your experience and enhance your experience for next time. Think about what you liked about the experience and what you did not like, and why. In doing so, reflect on what you can do to improve the experience. Was it hard to remember the names of the employers you interacted with? Remembering to ask for a business card after the interaction or bringing a notebook would be helpful next time.

You can also refer to what you saw others do or view some of our tips on preparing for the career fair!

Start taking action

You took a step forward on your career path by attending the career fairs. However, it does not stop there. Now is a great time to keep the momentum going. Apply to the roles you learned about at the career fair and were interested in. Visit Handshake, and browse for the available opportunities that match your interests and goals. Along with applying, you should also be preparing for interviews. Schedule a mock interview with a career consultant or view some interview prep videos and tips by visiting My Career and using Big Interview.

Continue exploring your interests

Still don’t know what you’re interested in? No worries! Handshake, LinkedIn and the CWRU Alumni Career Network are great ways to find and reach out to professionals or peers with experience to learn more about their experience and get a sense of what certain roles encompass. Also, if you want more resources and career opportunities for your area of interest or exploration, make sure you are a part of a Career Interest Area. Learn more about how to sign up for a Career Interest Area!

Overall, it’s important to keep moving forward in your career development. Whether reflecting on your career fair experience or signing up for our newsletters, every step counts! For more tips and career help, check out some of our other tips or visit the Career Lab!