Imagine Science

Imagine science, imagine yourself, imagine your future. Imagine yourself as part of an elite scientific research team working with professional scientists. This summer science research experience is sponsored by the Institute for the Science of Origins.

Imagine learning the foundations and future of science directly from today’s top scientists. Go beyond the classroom and join scientists in the places and spaces where they do their own research: genomics labs, physics experiments, geological strata, astronomical observatories, paleontology collections and fieldwork, virtual and augmented reality facilities and beyond. Experience the many-faceted worlds of scientific investigation!

  • You will spend three weeks immersed in actual scientific research with top-drawer scientists.
  • You will be part of a diverse network comprising a mix of like-minded peers, current CWRU undergrad science majors, grad students, post-docs, research scientists, members of CWRU’s most distinguished science faculty, and more.
  • You will have the opportunity to contribute to our online science publication, ORIGinations
  • You will receive a letter of evaluation of your progress and talents written by the lead scientist of your team