Women in STEM

The Women in STEM program leverages hands-on, experiential learning opportunities to introduce students to STEM careers and role models. During this three-week residential program, students will explore traditional and non-traditional STEM careers, take part in hands-on STEM experiences, research STEM pioneers, and experience college life.

Broaden your understanding of the diverse fields which constitute STEM through hands-on experiences with STEM and interactions with STEM professionals.

Take part in hands-on STEM research, projects, and experiences.

Experience college life while you live in CWRU residence halls, study in the libraries, and walk the campus.

Students will:

  • Be exposed to diverse STEM fields and career options, both traditional and non-traditional
  • Build self-efficacy and science identity through exposure to women STEM role models, both current and pioneers
  • Get hands-on with STEM learning with pocket-sized projects and activities/experiments
  • Develop STEM vocabularies and skills through research and presentation components
  • Build connection to CWRU with authentic experiences as college students and with the unique histories of Cleveland and CWRU