Pre-Collegiate Summer Program FAQs

The curriculum of our pre-college programs is designed to give you a realistic taste of the college experience—from the level of discourse and faculty expectations to the assignments and the resources available to you. Not intended to be high-school-2.0, your classes will inspire in you a curiosity and a desire for exploration and discovery. It is our hope that after three weeks you do not feel “finished” but you want more!

Classes are taught in an active-learning style and you will have broad use of campus resources like our libraries, laboratories, state-of-the-art technology, as well as recreational facilities.

Case Western Reserve University faculty have designed the curriculum. Classes are taught by faculty along with students and staff members. You will find our faculty have a particular focus on the undergraduate experience and their enthusiasm for mentoring students will be apparent from the first day of classes.

You will live just like a college student--breakfast in the dining hall with some friends right on the way to your first class. Most of our summer programs have scheduled classes and activities from 9-5. You’ll have lunch in our dining hall, too—likely taking a break with some of your classmates. Dinner is on campus, though you’ll probably explore once or twice nearby Little Italy and some of the dozens of restaurants and fast food options in our neighborhood, Uptown. Organized evening activities will keep you busy (besides some course assignments!) and will help you get to know your fellow students and our campus community.

Our summer programs are not for credit. CWRU's enrichment programs allow high school students the experience of living and studying on a college campus while exploring academic subjects without the pressure of exams and grades.

Absolutely! You can wait to schedule this until you arrive on campus and have a better understanding of your availability. Additionally, the admission staff is offering an optional “College Admission Bootcamp” on a Saturday during the program. This is appropriate for both rising juniors and seniors.

CWRU's Pre-Collegiate Summer Program is a residential program. Living on campus in one of our residence halls provides students with a real undergraduate experience. Students learn to manage their time, are able to spend time with new friends and receive support from other students and faculty.

All students must attend the full length of the program and are not permitted to arrive late or leave early. Because of the rigor of the program, any student who arrives late or leaves early will be withdrawn from the program.

All attendees will live on campus in the Village at 115. All students will live in apartment-style housing and will have their own single rooms. Apartments will be shared with one or more other students from the program.