Sustainability Alliance

It’s no secret: our current way of life is not sustainable. We are changing the environment in ways that will harm future generations.

What is the path to a green, prosperous, more sustainable future? Finding that path, and helping steer society toward it, is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and is the focus of Sustainability Alliance. Created in the spring of 2009, Case Western Reserve University's Sustainability Alliance brings a diverse array of scholars and students together to help chart the course to that brighter future.

The Alliance works in three broad areas:

Research and Scholarship

On the forefront of our knowledge, we ask the fundamental questions – and try to find answers – that will inform future actions. 


Today’s students are tomorrow’s decision-makers. We work to grow the capacity for real change through the strength of our educational programs. 

Community connection

We are committed to engaging with external partners to address regional issues. Local action, global impact.