Green Cleaning

CWRU works hard to clean its built environment using Earth-friendly methods and products.

The majority of the University’s academic campus is cleaned using the Orbio system which converts water and a small amount of salt into an effective, affordable, and environmentally-friendly cleaning and antimicrobial solution. The Orbio product is actually produced on campus, saving transportation emissions and eliminating disposable product bottles. The Orbio product generators are located in the Tinkham Veale University Center, Veale Athletic Center, Kent Hale Smith, and Cedar Ave Service Center. Additionally, we have Orbio satellites in Village House 7, White, Wickenden and Millis.

In addition to the Orbio system, campus facilities use the Clorox Green Works all natural cleaning solutions. Diversy GP Forward and Diversy Virex are used to mop floors restrooms on the academic campus.

Microfiber rags, white cotton rags, dust mops, and wet mops are all laundered in-house which also cuts down on disposable products and transportation emissions.

There are a large number of tile floors on campus that need still need to be periodically stripped and waxed to be cleaned properly. But a new machine was purchased that uses only water to strip the wax, replacing harsh chemicals. Cleaning crews are phasing out waxing the terrazzo floors on campus in newer buildings like the Tinkham Veale University Center, and are instead using a diamond grinder to polish them. When possible floors that are easy and economical to care for are being specified in new construction projects.