Observer Articles about Earth Day and the Environment Through the Years

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, our office has created an archive of historic Observer articles. Honoring the first Earth Day in 1970, our campus held a "Teach-In" with a number of speakers which was featured in the student paper.

Additionally, honoring the first Earth Day, the Observer put together a special edition of the newspaper, a supplement with a sole focus on the environment. Download this supplement and other articles below. 

first page of April 20 1970 Observer supplement

April 20, 1970 Special Supplement on the Environment - 4.9MB

April 24, 1970 Earth Day News Brief - 146KB

April 28, 1970 Rape of Environment Discussed by Gilligan at Earth Day Meeting - 1.7MB

April 23, 1971 Two page spread, page 1 - 741KB

April 23, 1971 Two page spread, page 2 - 553KB

April 2, 1971 Environment Crisis - 313KB

April 16, 1976 Environmental Group Pushes Action - 2.0MB

April 16, 1976 Nader Attacks Pollution in CSU Speech - 1.5MB

April 15, 1977 Earth Day Observance Begins - 1.8MB

October 27, 1989 College Activists Focus on Environmental Issues - 2.0MB

March 30, 1990 Earth Day Promotes Environmental Awareness - 1.1MB


These publications and much more can be found at the CWRU Student Newspaper Archive.