Culture Change for Climate Change & a new Climate Action Network

“Culture Change for Climate Change” (CC4CC) was funded through a strategic investment by the University's Office of the Provost. One of eight campus-based “Seed” ideas, the primary goal of CC4CC is to harmonize and scale climate action at and by CWRU. We strive to build connections and collaborations across campus and with our neighboring communities

The collaborative project has several work paths including:

1. Research:  Led by Professors of Sociology Cassi Pittman Claytor and Brian Gran, and Professor of Physics, Cyrus Taylor, the research component of this effort is creating focus groups to establish the baseline of climate change attitudes & perspectives, within CWRU and surrounding neighborhoods. Data will be analyzed to identify themes with which to articulate patterns & values on climate change, which will be used to inform longer-term actions. 

2. Creation of a CWRU Climate Action Network: There are many climate change action and sustainability events happening across campus and with our communities. The CWRU Climate Action Network will provide the structure to connect interest with action, increase participation, amplify and connect actions and opportunities, and seed new actions. 

3. Support for student group collaboration

More information coming soon.

Contact with any questions or suggestions!