Green Labs Program

Reducing energy and waste in CWRU research labs

CWRU Green Lab Program logo

CWRU boasts more than 1,300 labs on campus conducting world-class research. Yet, providing the energy and materials to conduct this research does take a toll on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and waste sent to the landfill. To mitigate this toll, the Office of Energy & Sustainability has developed a program to help interested labs reduce their environmental footprint without affecting their research workflow and productivity.

The Green Labs Program aims to reduce the energy consumption and waste generated by research labs at CWRU. We partner with interested researchers to better understand lab equipment, workflow, energy consumption, and waste streams. Our team of student auditors collects and analyzes data, and generates reports full of practical steps researchers can take to make their lab greener. 

Labs who complete the Green Lab program will be “Green Lab Certified” by our office. Interested researchers can email for more information or to schedule an audit.

Download the one-page description below to share with your team with details about time commitments and timelines. 

Green Labs One-Pager | pdf | 66KB