Swetland Center welcomes newest Advisory Council Member: Keymah Durden

Photo of Keymah Durden- Rid-all Farm Founder

The Swetland Center is excited to announce our newest advisory council member, G. Keymah Durden III. Durden, a graduate of Cuyahoga Community College’s Post Graduate Program of Environmental Health and Safety, specializes in public relations, urban agriculture, and community engagement activities. Durden is also trained in avionic mechanical engineering and construction and is a former co-owner of the internationally praised Soul Vegetarian Restaurant. Currently, Durden works as part of an organization that he first dreamed of with his childhood friends of the Cleveland Lee-Miles neighborhood and then went on to co-found, the Rid-All Green Partnership. The Rid-All Green Partnership is centered around urban agriculture and youth education. Durden’s goal is to “transform communities by creating access to holistic, nutritional food for the spiritual and nutritional development of peoples and families throughout the world.” 

Durden is also an environmental educator. He has led both national and international programs and activities, with his current projects being located in Ghana, Belize, Kenya, and Israel. Durden assisted in the planning of an International Sustainability Summit in Israel while also volunteering at the Dimona Community Agricultural Kibbutz Project. Other projects he has been a part of include Fresh Well Water Initiatives, Regenerative Agriculture and Health Lifestyle Programs. 

In addition to being an educator, Durden has also demonstrated his passion for sustainable living, stormwater management, agriculture, and environmental protection. In 2011, he assisted in the implementation of a stormwater management program for one of Cleveland’s local townships. Durden also formerly worked with the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, which aims to preserve natural areas, farmland, and coastal lands in northern and eastern Ohio, while also working statewide to help cities devastated by the foreclosure crisis. 

The Swetland center is grateful for Keymah’s interest in collaboration and sharing his expertise with our Swetland team and collaborators.