Welcome || New Pre-Doctoral Scholar

Anthony Orsino

We are excited to announce that a new pre-doctoral scholar, Anthony Orsino, will be joining us here at the Swetland Center! Read more about Anthony and what he will be working on below.

1. What project will you be working on and what is your role?

I will be working on the Nourishing Power Study as a member of the Evaluation Core and will be working a lot with social network analysis.

2. Where are you from?

Home for me is North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, which is about 45 minutes East of Pittsburgh, but I just finished my undergrad in Washington, D.C. in May.

3. What is your background in?

I just graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Public Health from The American University with minors in Health Promotion and Biostatistics. I learned a bit about all different areas of public health, from bioethics to health communications to health promotion program planning. I also did qualitative social behavioral research and did an internship in emergency management.

4. What excites you about joining the Swetland Center?

You all! Everyone is so kind and passionate and I’m excited to get to know you all better.

5. What is your favorite space in Cleveland or a place you want to explore?

I just moved here so I’ve been going to all kinds of different thrift stores and antique places. If you have any good recommendations, let me know!

6. What is a piece of advice you have been given or quote/statement that is significant
to you?

“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” - Ser Edmund Hilary