Staff Spotlight: Milen Embaye graduates from the Masters of Public Health Program

Graduation photo of Milen Embaye

The Swetland Center celebrates the Ms. Milen Embaye in her successful completion of the Masters of Public Health program at Case Western Reserve University. Her concentration was in health promotion and disease prevention, which she fully applies to her role at the Swetland Center. Milen also has a strong interest n global health, and thus additionally pursued a Certificate in Global Health. Her studies in global health were focused on global epidemiology. As part of her graduate studies, Milen was an intern at the Cleveland Clinic. She acted as a researcher in the Internal Medicine Department, on a study that aimed to prioritize chronic health conditions in adults. She also completed a research project on the growing opioid epidemic, using county-level data from the Medical Examiner's Office, on overdose fatalities. She was then invited to speak at the Opiate Task Force Meeting where she shared her findings. Milen acted as a student representative throughout her studies in the program. In that role, she was a liaison between faculty and students. She is eager to apply the knowledge she gained through her Masters to her work in the public health field. Congratulations Milen!