First Year Medical Students Eager to Think About Climate Change and How It Will Be Affecting Population Health in the Future

image of concept map linking the environmental changes with health outcomes and issues about vulnerable populations

In early August, CWRU first year medical students completed a Climate Change Team Based Learning exercise. Associate Professor Karen B. Mulloy, DO, MSCH found that many of the students were up-to-date on climate change science and are eager to think about how these issues will be affecting population health in the future. According to colleagues at Harvard Medical School, CWRU is one of the early adopters to include the links between environmental changes driven by climate change and health outcomes into their medical school curriculum. A December 2018 article by Dr. Caroline Wellbery, in Academic Medicine noted that climate change presented health risks that must be addressed and urged medical school to integrate these topics into all training. Dr. Darcy Freedman and Ruth Eppig have been a big support in the advancement of these critical topics within the CWRU School of Medicine. We are excited to see further exploration and developments on climate change and population health within CWRU and medical schools across the country.