Elizabeth Benninger in Estonia for The International Society for Child Indicators Conference

Image of Elizabeth Benninger in Tartu, Estonia

From August 26th-30th, Elizabeth Benninger attended and presented at The International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI) Conference in Tartu, Estonia! The ISCI is an international professional network for those interested in children's indicators, including researchers, data users, child advocates, and policymakers. “It aims to support and foster collaboration, integrate findings, and disseminate research for developing and using indicators and measurements of children's well-being.” Elizabeth has been involved with this type of work for many years, including her involvement as a co-investigator for an international study on children’s subjective well-being. Her favorite part about the conference was having the ability to connect with researchers and practitioners from all around the world. She loved getting to opportunity to share experiences with others from various social and cultural perspectives. Through the conference, she was able to learn about various theoretical and methodological perspectives related to environment and children’s health and well-being; work that she plans to integrate into her role at Swetland! To learn more about the conference, click HERE.