Jennifer King Participates on a Panel for Graduate Health Disparities Course

Jennifer King headshot

As a member of the Center for Reducing Health Disparities Think Tank (MetroHealth), Jennifer was asked to participate in a panel on October 7th for a Health Disparities graduate course at CWRU. The presentation was lead by Erika Hood, M.Ed, the Program Development Manager at the Center for Reducing Health Disparities. Ms. Hood touched on many topics including health in the context of 400+ years of slavery and trust in medicine/research as it relates to the significance of health disparities (i.e. Tuskegee study, Henrietta Lacks, and James Marion Sims) and the lack of African American representation and how it impacts health journeys. Additionally, they discussed the importance of having candid discussions around the potential barriers that may impact community residents willingness to participate in research studies - touching on much of what we hear in open forums of being "over surveyed and under promised action" on health-related issues.