Weidi Qin Featured in The Daily

Photo of Ohio Produce Perks Statewide Evaluation Graduate Assistant Weidi Qin

Swetland's Weidi Qin has been featured in The Daily! Weidi recently published a study: Driving Cessation and Social Isolation in Older Adults. The research focused on 6,916 Medicare beneficiaries age 65 or older who had recently stopped driving. “We found that as the car keys are taken away from older adults, social isolation becomes a serious issue—almost immediately”. Very critical findings given the rising ages of the Baby Boomers. Weidi is a doctoral candidate at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at CWRU and a Graduate Assistant with the Ohio Produce Perks Statewide Evaluation at the Swetland Center. You can find Weidi's feature in The Daily and her article in the Journal of Aging and Health. Great work, Weidi!