July Seminar: Understanding Food Systems from a Life Cycle Perspective

Event Date:
July 27th 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Environmental health and sustainability

Presenter: Eun Kyung Lee, PhD - Swetland Center for Environmental Health

Attendees learned about the environmental impacts associated with crop production in the U.S. Midwest, as well as respiratory effects associated with residential proximity to biorefineries in New York State. 

A recording of the presentation is available HERE.

Check out these resources to learn more about Dr. Lee's work and research interests:

Lee et al. (2019). Spatially and temporally explicit life cycle global warming, eutrophication, and acidification impacts from corn production in the U.S. Midwest.

Lee et al. (2020). Projecting life-cycle environmental impacts of corn production in the U.S. Midwest under future climate scenarios using a machine learning approach.

Romeiko et al. (2020). Comparing Machine Learning Approaches for Predicting Spatially Explicit Life Cycle Global Warming and Eutrophication Impacts from Corn Production.

Romeiko et al. (2020). Spatially and Temporally Explicit Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Soybean Production in the U.S. Midwest.