Staying calm during Covid; lessons from Swetland Yogi Lauren

Swetland center team member Lauren Vargo in Yoga Pose

These are challenging and changing times. COVID-19 has forced us to grapple with health anxieties, barriers to effective work, and rapidly shifting societal norms. In the midst of this, many people have risen to provide support to others in whatever ways they can. One of our own staff members, Lauren Vargo, is one of these people.

As the Swetland team transitioned to working completely remotely, Lauren, who is a certified yoga instructor, proposed holding yoga sessions for the center through Zoom. She has now been conducting yoga sessions twice per week for over two months and has done so with an open heart and without expecting anything in return. Her support has helped our staff find a new sense of normalcy, establish routines, and stay healthy during this time. She has also welcomed other guests to her classes with open arms, including spouses, roommates, kids, and miscellaneous cats and dogs! We’re very grateful to have Lauren on our team as she helps us adapt and stay calm. Thank you, Lauren! 

If you are interested in joining one of our yoga sessions please contact Lauren Vargo at