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The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has issued numerous reports indicating that there has been no or minimal inclusion of environmental health sciences in the curriculum of US medical schools. The Swetland Center, at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine (CWRU SOM), has placed a priority on integrating environmental health science into all aspects of medical education. Swetland Center faculty member, Karen B. Mulloy, DO. MSCH, received a Scholar's Collaboration in Teaching and Learning Award to work with medical student Anisha Garg, Class of 2019 to incorporate environmental health into the medical school's Western Reserve 2 (WR2) Curriculum. This curricular integration incorporated environmental health learning objectives and concepts into the first two years of the medical student program. The project continues to evaluate the new curriculum and to expand opportunities for medical student learning experiences in the environmental health sciences. In their third and fourth years, students can focus their research experience on environmental health and pursue other environmental health learning goals through interaction with the Swetland Center faculty and research projects.

The Swetland Center offers two awards to support medical student research in environmental health. These awards are offered on a periodic basis and will be announced when the application process is opened.   

Margaret Wong Global Engagement Award

This fellowship is offered to students from any university to support summer research investigating issues surrounding environmental health. Inaugural awardees, Felicia Tang and Emma Ye, completed their environmental health research experience in China at Zhejiang University School of Medicine during Summer 2015:

  • Felicia Tang, CWRU SOM, Class of 2018: Association Between Sleep Duration and Body Composition in a Chinese Adult Population
  • Emma Ye, CWRU SOM, Class of 2018: Urban-Rural Differences in Body Composition and Implications for Metabolic Syndrome

Ravin Fellowship

The Swetland Center will also offer the Ravin Fellowship for medical students research experiences in environmental health.

University Offerings

Courses in environmental health are offered to the university community through the Environmental Studies Program in the College of Arts and Sciences.