Think. It’s a little word responsible for simple, everyday tasks. The work of this tiny verb is not glamorous, but the act of thinking can lead to something important: ideas. At Case Western Reserve University, thought and ideas are nurtured, discussed, built upon and challenged. That’s why we created Think: The Magazine of Case Western Reserve University—to inform, entertain, engage and, above all, to stimulate.

The magazine is published twice a year by the university’s office of Marketing and Communications. Articles from the magazine can be found on the Think website.

To subscribe, submit class notes or write a letter to the editor, send e-mail to or write to us at Magazine, Case Western Reserve University, 10900 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44106-7017. For subscription requests, please include your name, address, e-mail and relationship to the university, if applicable.

Think accepts paid advertising. To advertise in the magazine or receive information, send queries to

To view back issues of Case Western Reserve’s magazines, visit our archives.