Additional options for Thursday's meeting

To Our Faculty, Staff and Students:

We regret an omission in yesterday’s email regarding this week’s meeting with the Thinkers group—namely, that we recognize that Thursday’s. 5 p.m. start may not work for all of our families.

While we prefer to not do anything after that time, we also recognize that some sessions will happen in the evening given the swift pace of our strategic planning timeline. That said, we will do all we can to make those instances the exception, not the rule. In this context, we also are trying to identify ways that those with family obligations still have ways to engage.

For this week’s meeting, we offer three options:

  1. Bring your children to the meeting. They are absolutely welcome; running around, laughing, and crying—all OK!
  2. View the meeting live online. If you can’t attend in person but would like to watch how the conversation unfolds in real time, go to at 5 p.m.
  3. You can watch a recording of the meeting afterward. We will provide a link to a recording of the event that you can view when convenient.

Going forward, we will try to schedule any evening meetings far enough in advance that those with families have an opportunity to make alternate child care arrangements or, if enough interest exists, we can provide an on-campus option. For now, please know that we appreciate your feedback on these issues, and apologize for not acknowledging the difficulties inherent in the time of Thursday’s meeting.