Announcing Our Seed Sprint Recipients

To Our Faculty, Staff and Students:

It is our great pleasure to share the projects that secured seed sprint funding as part of our Think Big strategic planning effort.

First, though, we want to thank the dozens upon dozens of people involved in preparing and submitting a total of 139 applications for these awards (81 academic, 46 co-curricular, and 12 administrative or operational).

Reviewers faced a herculean task in selecting finalists, and then again in choosing which of the 50 teams submitting would receive funding. After much deliberation and debate, they picked the following projects for support.

We also asked seed sprint applicants to engage across the campus in developing proposals. They absolutely did. The 17 projects listed below reflect participation from 56 different departments, divisions, offices or other units—as well as five institutions from beyond the campus.

All of the teams will present their results to the campus later in the spring, but for now we wish them the best realizing the aspirations of their respective efforts. For a list that includes the constituent units of each team, please visit the Seed Sprints page of the Think Big website.

Bridging Euclid Avenue

Lead Contact: Harsh Mathur, Professor, Physics
Description: This project represents a workshop on how to bridge the disciplines, thus developing a template for other similar activities at the University.

The Case Water Initiative

Lead Contact: Grant Goodrich, Director, Great Lakes Energy Institute (GLEI)
Description: Building on the work of GLEI and ISSACS to determine capabilities in water, this group wants to continue to expand and leverage the work to determine our larger play.

Competency-Based PhD Training

Lead Contact: Marvin Nieman, Associate Professor, Pharmacology
Description: This group is looking to figure out if we could do this type of training in the STEM and social science fields.

Cross-Campus Integration of Entrepreneurial Activities

Lead Contact: Brian Grimberg, Assistant Professor of International Health

Description: This project represents a group of faculty from the majority of schools/college that engage in entrepreneurship.

CWRU Food Institute

Lead Contact: Narcisz Fejes, Lecturer, English
Description: This effort looks to bridge work across the campus on the topic of food insecurity.

CWRU Living Lab

Lead Contact: Kenneth A. Loparo, Nord Professor of Engineering
Description: This project attempts to develop a plan to engage the policies, culture, and structure of CWRU to become a living laboratory using our campus assets.

CWRU Story Tours

Lead Contact: Janice J. Gerda, Associate Vice President, Student Engagement & Learning
Description: The goal of this project is to develop and train ‘storytellers’ to lead historical tours of the campus.

Exploring Launch of Social Science Center

Lead Contact: Dale Dannefer, Chair, Sociology
Description: This effort is to elevate the social sciences collectively and bring a focus for engagement across the campus.

Faculty Research Public Profile System

Lead Contact: Arnold Hirshon, University Librarian, Kelvin Smith Library
Description: This project is an attempt to use the sprint to figure out how best to pull faculty information together across silos and boundaries.

Institute for Democracy and Global Problems

Lead Contact: Kelly McMann, Professor, Political Science
Description: Investigating a new effort that crosses various disciplinary boundaries ranging from economics to political science to population health to electrical engineering and computer science and biomedical engineering, among others.

Pilot Test for Interdisciplinary Peer Review

Lead Contact: Patricia Mehosky Ribeiro, Assistant Dean of Research Administration, School of Dental Medicine
Description: This group is testing a system for peer grant review on campus focused on interdisciplinary efforts.

The Pulse of the Research Mission

Lead Contact: Brian Foss, Manager of Budgeting and Finance, Office of Finance and Planning, School of Medicine
Description: This team of faculty and administrators from across the university are joining forces to improve the research proposal and award reporting, a key activity needed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our research infrastructure.

A Quantitative Approach to Analyze Interpersonal Communication and Teamwork through HoloLens

Lead Contact: Mark Griswold, Director, Interactive Commons
Description: A pilot project combining HoloLens with technology developed at the Interactive Commons to record and analyze group interactions in two educational scenarios with a goal of using the information to enhance learning.

A Science Incubator

Lead Contact: Glenn Starkman, Distinguished University Professor, Physics
Description: Developing a next-century model of campus interdisciplinary activity.

Seeding Technical Art History

Lead Contact: Ina Martin, Director of Operations, Materials for Opto/Electronics Research and Education Center (MORE Center)
Description: This group wants to put together a liberal arts/STEM model of engagement focused on Cleveland resources.

Smart Classroom Proof of Concept

Lead Contact: Sue Workman, Vice President for University Technology ([U]Tech] and Chief Information Officer
Description: This team wants to develop a prototype classroom in Sears think[box] with faculty/student input that could then become model to scale for other larger capital budget investments.

Somos CWRU

Lead Contact: Gina Maldonado-Powers, Assistant Director, Student Success Initiative
Description: This team is focused on developing a recruitment and retention strategy for the Latinx population.