Campus & Community Invited to Join First Agora Leadership Roundtable on Oct. 30

Just last month, the Think Big team announced Agora Leadership Roundtables to focus on key skill sets for fully engaging all members of our community in how best to lead in the changing landscape of higher education.  The topic of this month's meeting will be "Higher Education Leaders as Conveners."  Please review this article and come prepared to discuss Quality #3, Leaders who are Effective Conveners and Facilitators.  All staff, faculty, students, alumni, and neighboring community members are welcome to join this roundtable, as we believe higher education’s leaders--and CWRU’s leaders--are found throughout our campus and community. We look forward to engaging with you at this first monthly roundtable. Please register using CampusGroups.  Additional details are below:

Oct. 30 Agora Leadership Roundtable Details

Date/Time: Wed. Oct.30 from 10-11 a.m.
Place: Tinkham Veale University Center, Ballroom A
Registration: CampusGroups
Topic:  Higher Education Leaders as Conveners
Reading:  “The Skills Future Higher-Ed Leaders Need to Succeed” by Amit Mrig & Patrick Sanaghan

In Other News...

Earlier this year, the university launched Workplace by Facebook for collaboration and communication regarding the strategic plan. As Workplace begins a move to a new domain, and in an effort to streamline communications platforms, the university will decommission its use of Workplace on Nov. 1, and encourage the use of CampusGroups.

The Office of the Provost already has added most users from the strategic plan Workplace groups into its new groups on CampusGroups. Therefore, the Think Big discussion won’t stop—it simply will switch platforms. All messaging will be done through CampusGroups on the Office of the Provost page in the future.

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